The Best Sentence I Read This Week: A Prologue

Next week, I'm starting a blog. Well, technically I guess I'm starting it today, but this first post is only to announce that next week will be my first real post. And it'll go like this:

I read lots of sentences on a weekly basis: short story sentences, creative nonfiction sentences, novel sentences, sportswriting sentences, longform feature sentences, hot-take sentences, blog post sentences, and on and on. Every Sunday, I'm going to post the best sentence I read that week. Then I'm going to write a little bit about what makes it dope.

Kind of like this thing that Ploughshares does, except instead of Ploughshares, it's just me, and instead of short stories, it's just sentences. Little baby sentences.

Two questions, two answers:

1. Why sentences?

Because they punch harder than paragraphs. Because I spend most of my time trying to craft one good sentence, then another one after that, and when I come across a really great sentence, rhythmic and moody and true, it literally makes me giddy. And because it's not so intimidating to write about just one sentence at a time. I mean, it's just one little sentence--how could it possibly hurt me?

2. What's this thing gonna be?

Remember that grammar class you took junior year, where you had to diagram all those sentences? Subject / verb / object & the gang? It won't be anything like that.

It'll be part appreciation, part criticism, part craft talk. It'll be part diary. It'll be part whining-about-writing. It'll be part sportstalk, part reading log, part Internet Writing. It'll be part blog. I mean, I don't know. What's a blog?


See you next Sunday.